With a favourable opinion of nearly 80%, wind turbines have become the symbol of the energy transition in a few years. What political, social, economic and environmental lessons can be drawn from their proliferation? Is the dream in line with reality? Professionals, experts and local residents reveal the other side of the story.

This club docu was the hardest for me to understand. It is a subject I know very little about myself. Therefore, it was difficult since my French is not top notch.

As with any subject, there are pros and cons to wind energy.

What I personally find the biggest advantage of wind energy is that it does not emit CO2. This ensures that this helps against global warming. Wind energy is also inexhaustible, so it never runs out. In addition, wind energy is a cheap way of generating energy, which is certainly not unimportant.

There are, of course, some disadvantages associated with it. If there is no wind, the wind turbines do not turn. As a result, no energy is created. They can also cause noise pollution. And they disturb the view on the horizon. Wind turbines can also be dangerous for birds.

Personally, I am in favor of windmills. Any way of generating green energy I think is good. The climate urgently needs saving. The more ways we have to generate green energy the better.


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