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We had the privilege of taking a look behind the scenes at Willie Beamen. We were welcomed by Sylvain Ventre, one of the three founders of the company.

Willie Beamen is an independent agency with 20 employees. They find it very important to achieve their goals in a collaborative and respectful mindset.


Willie Beamen has 3 founders. Sylvian Ventre, Romain Collinet and Nicolas de Fautereau. Sylvian was a former pro handballer, Romain launched Sporteam a sports management agency and Nicolas spent 12 years at BMW Group France.


Willie Beamen works with 19 offices in 12 countries over 5 continents. This allows them to take on projects from all over the world. According to The Financial Times Willie Beamen is the number one French advertising agency.


Willie Beamen has worked with a lot of famous brands. For example they did some collaborations with Samsung, Fédération Française de Football, Unibet and G.H. MUMM.

Fédération Française de Football

At the French Football Federation, they were faced with the problem that many people no longer knew « La Marseillaise ». For this, Willie Beamen had to come up with a solution. It was important to arouse pride and excitement. They did this by means of this video.


For G.H.MUMM they needed to inspire people to dare, win and celebrate in life. They used Usain Bolt as an inspiring icon. This campaign was during the 2018 Winter Olympics. They made a video in which Usain Bolt challenged the athletes of the winter games to « do his move » when they were on stage. If they did this they received a bottle of champagne. This resulted in this outcome.


Willie Beamen believes that sport has the power to help brands achieve their greatness. It’s important that they tell great stories that inspire entire generations. Emotions are the most important values in campaigns, they catch minds and leave deep memories.


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